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I am here to testify about the faithfulness of God in my life. I came to Rock of Victory Ministries in April last year. The man of God mentioned my case when he said there was a lady who has been going from one witchdoctor (sangoma) to another and the lady had a charm(muti) in her handbag. I told a                                                        


friend of mine that I was the one the man of God was talking about, she encouraged me to go forward which I did. I told the man of God (Reverend Francis O Anosike) that I have been married for fifteen years without a baby, and that the muti I have in my bag is from the recent place I have been to


seeking for the fruit of the womb. He prayed for me and prophesied that the month of April will not pass me by. After the prayer I threw the muti away and surrendered all to God. Just as the man of God declared, that same month I conceived and today I have my miracle baby in my arms. 


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  1. Rebecca

    Amen glory to god

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