Delivered from fornication

Delivered from fornication

The Scriptures urge us vehemently to abstain from all appearances of evil. Sexual immorality is described as a peculiar sin that involves spirit, soul and body and anyone who commits such is sinning against his/her own body. I gave my life to Christ in the year 2010, since then I had a strong desire to be a fervent follower of Christ but I was struggling in one particular area. I have been wallowing in the pit of immorality and I was living a life immersed in the ocean of fornication. Although I was hearing the undiluted principles of scripture, I could not say no to my fleshly desires. In the year 2016, a man proposed marriage to me and he seemed determined to fulfill his promise. Out of foolish impulse, I immediately packed into his house.

 I was sleeping on the bed of fornication with the promise of marriage blinding me from the conviction of the Holy Spirit. I was attending church and each time during a service, I would feel the prickling conviction of God piercing my conscience. The straw that broke the camel’s back came the fateful Sunday of women’s day. As Mama Virginia Anosike ministered the Word, she posed a challenge to the single men and women, she said “Take one year to live a life of purity and I guarantee you that your life will never remain the same.” At that moment a light bulb switched on in my mind and suddenly my eyes were opened. Of course the decision to change was a hard one but I summoned courage and this past Tuesday, I finally packed my belongings and moved out of that man’s house. This decision has freed me to experience the fullness of Christ in my life. 

One lesson I have learnt is that it is very easy to enter into a sinful lifestyle but extremely difficult to come out of it but by God’s grace I stand here today to pledge my allegiance to purity. Thank You Jesus for Your unending and irresistible grace and mercy. Once a sinner but now I belong to the family of the Lord.

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  1. Menzi Maphosa

    My beloved Father

    I’m struggling to raise my company it’s only doing money to buy food and rentals
    May you please help pray for me and my company

    I was living a reckless life drinking and cashing in on prostitutes even if I had a girlfriend
    I have stopped all that and the immoral relationship as per your teaching
    Please allow me to come and be prayed for

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