I have been HIV positive for the past 15 years ,and I always thought it was “impossible” to be healed. When I watched Soweto TV I saw various people testifying about how God had miraculously healed them of HIV ,but I always
thought they were paid to do so by the man of God.

I would scrutinize every testimony thinking that it was a lie. Little did I know that very soon it would be me standing here to testify of healing.

This is how my healing took place ;
one night I had a dream that I was sitting outside the man of God’s office and he asked me what my problem was, I told him That I was HIV positive and he said to me ‘Jesus Christ is cleansing your blood’. That morning I woke up in a pool of dirty blood.

 The following day I attended the Thursday service, Reverend conducted deliverance and declared that HIV positive is turning to negative. He further encouraged everyone that was HIV positive to go for an HIV test by faith.

I went to the local clinic, took a test and the results came out negative, because of disbelief I went again the next day and the test results
still came out negative. When I went to test for the third time, the nurses refused because two tests were already conducted and the results came out negative. I went to a private doctor and again the test results came out negative. Today I
am singing a different song of  ‘Nothing is impossible with God’

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