God is marvelous and faithful. I lack words that I can use to worship Him, what He has done for my son and I will forever be engraved in my heart. It all began one Sunday morning in a church service, during offering time; I was moved by the Spirit of God to give a pregnant woman next to me money so she can give offering. I did this out of faith so I can also be a partaker of the miracle she was carrying. After that service I went to see our mother in the Lord, Mama Virginia Anosike, for a prayer as I was not well at that time. She prayed for me and during the prayer she burst into a prophecy, she said as soon as I was well I would conceive. 
Needless to say the prophecy came to pass immediately. The pregnancy journey was not an easy one; I endured diverse complications which led me to deliver prematurely. In October 2018 I gave birth but the baby’s condition needed urgent medical attention. My son was admitted in the intensive care unit and had to use an incubator and ventilator to aid his breathing. It was diagnosed that his intestines were twisted hence he could not eat nor digest food properly; this resulted in a terrible weight loss, at that time he looked like he was only skin and bones. They had to insert a pipe into him just so he could eat.

I brought the case to the man of God, Rev Francis O. Anosike, and he poured out his heart in prayer and assured me that ultimately all will be well. As days went by, my son’s head increased to an abnormally large size, upon inspection, the doctors discovered that his head was filled with water, a condition called Hydrocephalus. The solution to this was that they drain the water out. 

They would drain the water out but the next day it would be as if they hadn’t done anything because water would fill his head again. When I alerted the man of God, he and mommy rushed to the hospital to pray for him. It was a serious case indeed. The situation was so difficult that a neurosurgeon had to be brought into the country just to drain the fluid. I felt so hopeless watching my son in that state. After attending to him, the neurosurgeon said the most disheartening words any mother could ever hear; he said the situation was hopeless, he did not see the point of keeping the life-support machines on, he advised me to allow them to switch the machines off. Tears welled up in my eyes as these words were spoken, I could not believe what I was hearing. Nevertheless, I plainly refused to switch off the machines. I had the boldness to look that neurosurgeon straight in the eye and declare that if he could not save my son then my God would save my son. After the prayer from the man of God and the woman of God, my son picked up weight, this sudden improvement revived my faith. One day as I was visiting my son something tragic happened, his heart rate decreased, his SATS decreased, the machines were beeping and I watched my son gasping for breath. My heart raced as I called the medical attendants, they rushed in and I was determined to remain in the room while they attended to him but they advised me to go out. Tears filled my eyes as I prayed from the hallway, time went by but nobody came out, I did not know what to expect. I remembered a fellow Christian sister who works in that hospital and I rushed to her office to pray with her. We prayed with all our might. The nurses called me into the ICU room again and to my greatest relief, there was my son, playing as though nothing had happened

The neurosurgeon suggested an alternative solution of installing a permanent shunt into my son’s head because I had refused to switch off the machines. The surgery was carried out successfully, however, the wound got infected and the situation became terrible, thus, leading them to remove the shunt. I called the man of God and he prayed and assured me once again that all will be well. To be honest, at that time I had lost all hope of my son coming out alive. Glory be to God that shortly after that prayer, his head began reducing in size, it reduced until it became absolutely normal. He gained weight and he was able to breathe on his own without the assistance of an oxygen pump. Day by day the situation improved. I began hearing about new improvements upon each visit. Glory be to God that I am standing here today with my son to testify that God is marvelous. He is perfectly healed and there is no trace that he underwent such adverse conditions. My gratitude towards the Lord Jesus is more than I can articulate in earthly words. This miracle has brought me closer to God and nothing will pluck me out of Christ my Savior. PRAISE THE LORD!!!

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