Testimony about the Healing of HIV
I stand amazed at what God has done, the reflection of His Grace and mercy over my life has left me with unspeakable joy.
In February 2018 I tested HIV positive and to me the future seemed bleak, it looked like my world had crumbled. Never in my wildest dreams did i think this report would change, i had learnt to live with it.
This is how my healing took place;
In June 2020 i attended a Tuesday service and it was my first time coming to this church. I was blessed with the teachings so i decided to come back on the following Thursday for the victorious service. In those two services the man of God conducted deliverance and declared that HIV positive is turning negative.
He further encouraged everyone who was HIV positive to go for an HIV test by faith. I didn’t go to test the next Friday because i was skeptical the same positive result would come out.
On Sunday night the 5th of July I had a dream where the man of God told me to go and get tested again. I woke up Monday morning and rushed to the nearest hospital because i knew this was a divine encounter. Upon getting to the hospital i got tested for HIV and my results were negative
They couldn’t believe it so they had to do further tests. They took 5 bottles of blood to test for HIV and other underlying conditions i had.
The doctor couldn’t believe it because my results came back negative again and they told me they couldn’t trace any disease in my blood.

I stood there in disbelief and it suddenly dawned on me that the God of Rock of Victory had done it as He says in His word that, “with men this is impossible but with God all things are possible”. I only attended two services and grabbed the word as the man of God declared and I received my healing. Nobody laid hands on me, but by just stepping on the solution ground God intervened in my life. I am grateful to this God for the supernatural Healing and i can attest to the fact that we serve a living God in this house.