“God has turned the tears I cried in private into a public testimony…” – Bro Tatenda

Praise the LORD, words cannot express what God has done in my life. I hold an honours degree in Chemical engineering and a Master’s degree in Engineering from the university of the Witwatersrand. I graduated with excellent results. I’m the midst of all my qualifications I have suffered through the valley of unemployment for close to 7 years. I tried everything humanly possible but no door was opening no matter how hard I tried. To truly understand my testimony you have to understand the beginning of all my sorrows; I was once a chronic alcoholic, I started drinking from the age of 15, I was a heavy alcohol consumer but by God’s grace I still passed with distinctions at school and even got a scholarship to Wits University where I completed my qualifications.

I would drink myself into stupor, at most times I would sleep on the streets and wake up in the gutter. 

All the money I got from my first job I blew on alcohol. Another one of my problems was fornication, I was deeply engrossed in that sin to the extent that I didn’t have to chase women but they would follow me all by themselves. When I came to Rock of Victory Ministries 3 years ago, I heard the testimonies and thought to myself, surely I too will receive these miracles instantaneously. The first year went by and so did the second and approaching the third year without any change, I was asking God why He is not doing it for me. I would visit the man of God hoping for him to prophesy and tell me my job is released but each and every time he would tell me that God is still working on me, that there are things that God wants to remove from me before giving me breakthrough. In confirmation of what he was saying, each month I would have a recurring dream in which God would warn me against fornication, He would show me my destiny and also show me a woman and tell me that if I sleep with that woman I would gain temporary pleasure but forfeit the glorious destiny.

God has used 21 Days of Glory 2020 to change my story. During the first week of the prayers, I got a call from a certain company telling me to come in for an interview, I met all the requirements except for the requested years of experience but glory be to God, I got the job as a resident engineer who oversees the planning stages of various projects. God has taken me from the prison to the palace and He has turned the tears I cried in private into a public testimony. My heart is full of joy, only God can do this.