I stand amazed at the awesome grace of God that is able to snatch a person from the jaws of tragedy. Like any other Sunday morning, I woke up and prepared myself for Church. Tragedy struck when I was on the N1 north freeway just after the Grasmere tollgate, it all happened so fast,

I did not have the opportunity to process the incident. In the twinkling of an eye, I was in the midst of a 17 vehicle pile-up. The vehicle overturned and I was at the bottom of a heap of people, it was a bloody scene indeed. I was then rushed to the hospital and after a series of scans and tests, it was concluded that I had fractured two ribs and suffered impact on my left lung,

I could not fully utilize my legs nor turn my neck But to God be the glory because today I can stand to testify that God heals and His grace can deliver a person from the jaws of tragedy. 4 people died and 20 more incurred serious injuries, some even lost their limbs but God delivered me. Thank You Jesus, I am eternally grateful for Your Saving Grace.

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  1. MMokonyane(BW)

    Wow!Jesus is indeed very awesome,He is the King of Glory so His possessions and products are indeed glorious as well,to Him be praise and glory

  2. Tshirema NT

    Indeed Rock of Victory is a solution ground.,,,,Praise the Lord

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